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DARK RAINBOW - ADHD Digital Planner for iPad & Android tablets

DARK RAINBOW - ADHD Digital Planner for iPad & Android tablets

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Video/Thumbnail planner colors ⤴ are examples; color of your planner depends on chosen product. :)


You will need an app to use this digital planner. There are many free and affordable options.
Here's a full list of recommended apps:


Available in both 365-day linked or Build Your Own versions. Both are 260 templates and have identical contents, including the new side tabs.


If you’ve tried and ‘failed’ at planners, it’s not because you’re ‘bad’ at planning or organization. It’s because most traditional planners aren’t designed for your neurotype.

If you’re like me, you’ll feel guilty when you miss a day (or month) with regular planners, and then just stop using the planner altogether and throw it in a pile with all the others. But your brain isn’t broken, it’s just NEVER been given a flexible system that works with its creativity, passion and inconsistency. Until now…

We’re not organizational robots… we’re messy, organic humans, and we need a planner that evolves with us. And that’s the approach I took when designing this ADHD planner.

My planner design has a unique build-as-you-go format especially designed for ADHD brains.

It’s so good, it’s the only ADHD-specific planner of its kind recommended by therapists, psychologists and behavioral scientists (and yes, I have the testimonials and podcast interviews to back this up 😉💪

Buy once, use forever - ours is the *only* ADHD planner that offers lifetime updates!

That means ALL future updates, improvements, new templates & new sections for 2025 and beyond.

  • 𖤐 2024 Calendars (+ LIFETIME UPDATES) 𖤐

    ⌂ 2024 dated planners (Sun or Mon start)
    ⌂ Year at a glance - 2024
    Lifetime access to all future updates & annual editions of the planner!

    ⌂ You'll get access to the current 2023 planner as well.

  • 𖤐 Covers 𖤐

    ⌂ 14 beautiful cover options (pick your fave or rotate for novelty)

    𖤐 Projects Notebook Stack 𖤐

    ⌂ 5 blank notebooks for you to keep track of your creative ideas

  • 𖤐 Organizing, prioritizing and productivity 𖤐

    ⌂ Daily planner (in multiple layouts, ADHD specific)
    ⌂ Weekly planner (undated)
    ⌂ Monthly overview & Jan-Dec monthly calendars (add your own dates)
    ⌂ ‘Do it with dopamine’ (multiple formats - reward-based templates for completing boring tasks)
    ⌂ Get sh*t done to do list with reward sections (weekdays & weekends)
    ⌂ Div/Con planning - to help you move from brainstorm ideation to logical action
    ⌂ Real-world priorities template (based on the Eisenhower Matrix)

  • 𖤐 Remember Stuff - tracking tools 𖤐

    ⌂ New friend names - tracker (so you never awkwardly forget someone’s name again)
    ⌂ D&Ms with friends - tracker
    ⌂ #ADHDtax (yes it’s a thing) - tracker
    ⌂ Hyper-focus list to store all the information you deep-dive into
    ⌂ Parcel arrival - tracker (so you don’t forget those 5 widgets you ordered 📦)
    ⌂ 24 hr cart list (designed to reduce impulsive online shopping 🛒)
    ⌂ Podcasts I need to finish - tracker
    ⌂ Books I started - tracker
    ⌂ Assignment due date - tracker
    ⌂ Passwords - tracker

  • 𖤐 FINANCE - Conscious Cash 𖤐

    ⌂ Household budget

    ⌂ Vacation budget

    ⌂ Income vs. Expenses

    ⌂ Subscription tracker (because… ADHD tax)

    ⌂ Debt check-in

    ⌂ Debt dissolver

    ⌂ Impulse buy checklist (guides you to decision making when you’re feeling impulsive)

    ⌂ 24 hr cart list (designed to reduce impulsive online shopping 🛒)

    ⌂ Takeout tracker

    ⌂ Spending habit tracker

    ⌂ Bill tracker

    ⌂ Blank trackers

    ⌂ Savings wishlist

    ⌂ Future self savings jar

    ⌂ Div/Con savings goal

    ⌂ The 10 & 10 rule (my custom invention to create dopamine-fuelled savings goals 🤑)

    ⌂ Clutter cash

    ⌂ Gift budgeting

    ⌂ Money tips

    ⌂ Bank account details (no more out-of-sight, out-of-mind 😅)

    ⌂ Money Honey date nights (accountability buddy system)

    ⌂ My money history

    ⌂ My money future

  • 𖤐 Healthy Habit Setting 𖤐

    ⌂ The self-care assessment wheel
    ⌂ Habit visualisation and habit tracking (including my unique journey mode!)
    ⌂ Habit evaluation step by step
    ⌂ Daily habit checkboxes on daily/weekly layouts
    ⌂ Limiting belief reframing

    𖤐 SCIENCE TIPS - Understand the ADHD brain 𖤐

    The planner includes 7 ‘science explainer’ pages where I cover the latest research on ADHD and link it to areas like:

    ⌂ ADHD & time perception

    ⌂ Divergent & Convergent thinking

    ⌂ ADHD & Money

    ⌂ ADHD & Motivation

    ⌂ Why ADHD Minds Wander

    ⌂ ADHD & Exercise

    ⌂ ADHD Hyperfocus

  • 𖤐 Self care 𖤐

    ⌂ Mood tracker
    ⌂ Self-care routine
    ⌂ Sleep tracker
    ⌂ Screen time tracker
    ⌂ Fitness tracker
    ⌂ Notes for/from therapy
    ⌂ ADHD coaching session notes
    ⌂ Medication & appointment trackers

  • 𖤐 Domestic domination 𖤐

    ⌂ Digital de-clutter guide
    ⌂ Home declutter guide
    ⌂ Meal planner (two variations)
    ⌂ Categorized Grocery list
    ⌂ Plant health tracker (🥀 > 🌹)`

  • 𖤐 Unique Focus Tools 𖤐

    ** Unique visual tools I invented (based on the neuroscience) to specifically help ADHD brains:

    ⌂ The Hyper-focus Lotus (to playfully remind you to eat, take breaks, use the bathroom and drink water during periods of hyperfocus)
    ⌂ Productivity Power Petals
    ⌂ Phone call focus pages (so you can pay attention to your friend’s vent session instead of tuning out)

  • 𖤐 Unwind Un-mind 𖤐

    ⌂ Don’t Think, Just Do page for when you are in analysis paralysis. Self care first, then decide. ❤️
    ⌂ Wind-down strategies & tracker
    ⌂ Fave playlists to help you unwind and relax, categorized
    ⌂ ‘Color to Calm’ pages (to pull your ADHD brain out of divergent ‘pinging thoughts’ mode and move into logical convergent thinking)
    ⌂ Symmetry Stress-relief pages``

✨BONUS 2: Printable ‘Color to Calm’ and 'Symmetry Stress-relief'

Handy carry cards (so you can take them with you when you don't have your iPad or tablet 😉)

✨ BONUS 1: 240 Digital Sticker Pack

Download the sticker pack and insert fun little 'stickers' (images) into your digital planner. Great for highlighting parts of your notes and for an extra little dopamine hit. In 2024 we have 100 new stickers added (making 240 in total).

You will receive:

  • 260 page PDF digital planner file (365 or build-your-own)
  • Choose Sunday start or Monday start
  • 240 Digital stickers (png format with installation guide)
  • Tutorial videos to support installation on all major apps
  • Bonus printable coloring cards
  • Quick start guide (built into planner)
  • Lifetime updates
  • Tech support from our friendly team


There is so much to explore when you begin researching ADHD science, but I have focused on the research that relates most pressingly to productivity and routine.

The templates and the supporting information inside are based on the work of several significant contributors to ADHD research…

Dr Russell Barkley, particularly his comments on the nature of attentional differentiation being linked to shifts in interest and motivation; Dr Edward Hallowell & Dr John Ratey, and particularly their work on negative self perception links to self-efficacy, and overabundance (not limitation) of attention; and Tamara Rosier and her work on divergent and convergent thinking habits in ADHD brains and 'light switch' emotional responses to tasks which influences our executive functioning ability.

The planner includes 7 pages where I cover this research and link it to areas like ADHD & time perception, Divergent & Convergent thinking, ADHD & Money, ADHD & Motivation, Why ADHD Minds Wander, ADHD & Exercise and ADHD Hyperfocus.

For a full deep dive on the science behind the planner, see:

What makes this planner neurodivergent-friendly? ⤵️

This digital planner has many typical features, like daily planning spreads, habit trackers, meal planning and checklists, but features significant differences.

Our ADHD brains start off energetically, but quickly get so overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that we’ll give up two days in.

Our brains need something different, so I tested and refined these templates so you have the absolute best tools, and the highest chance of consistency.

The bottom line? Every single page and template inside this planner has been carefully and intentionally created to scaffold, support and guide you to a place of more mental clarity, and less chaos and white noise. Even the central menu design is simplified compared to other digital planners - we need less clutter and distraction.

Sound amazing? It is. Get the ultimate tool to help you succeed!

Frequently asked questions


The Future ADHD planner works with annotation apps available on Apple, Android and most Windows devices (as well as some others).

For a full list of compatible devices and recommended apps, read our support article here.


No, this is not an app in and of itself. This is a planner file with an internal link and menu structure that has been designed to work with dedicated annotation apps.

There will be some installation required, but we also have tutorial videos available to help you get set up.

We also have a dedicated support team ready to help you out who you can contact here.


Both printable and digital planners come as a PDF so you can technically print the digital planner just like any other PDF.

Our only caveats to that are that:

  • the digital planner is built for tablet screen size/dimensions so it won't print perfectly on A4 or letter (though it's pretty close!), and;
  • the background on the digital planner isn't a perfect white so you'll need to make sure you use a print setting that doesn't print that as a background colour or it might go through a fair bit of ink.


The digital planner has been designed to be used in portrait orientation to keep attention to one page - typical planners with two pages notoriously have too many elements and are a cause for distraction.

But, if you're the type of person who wants to use this in landscape mode, there are some apps that support this. See which apps support landscape mode here

Digital Download:

This is a digital planner, designed to be used with annotation apps on iPads and other tablet devices - so you will receive a digital file. No item/s will be shipped to you. You will get installation instructions as well as a user guide inside the planner. You should be able to use the planner 'as is', but can also duplicate pages as you need them for your personal use.

Meet the creator

Grace Koelma, ADHD advocate & educator

Hi, I’m Grace!

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my 30s, and am an ADHD educator (B. Ed), speaker, writer & host of the Future ADHD podcast.

I take a scientific approach to creating organizational tools that work with (not against) neurodivergent brains. I have integrated my training in breathwork and meditation to support the ADHD nervous system from a holistic perspective, and create a planner that promotes self care to support sustainable productivity.

My team and I are continuing to collaborate with psychologists, therapists and behavioral scientists to create a range of strength-based ADHD resources that help you understand your brilliant, divergent brain. Dive in and enjoy!

To ease & clarity,
Grace x

Collapsible content

Why I made this planner

When I made this planner, I didn't want to make a slightly better planner than what was out there (because what was out there sucked).

I made this planner to revolutionise what an ADHD planner is, to raise the bar and the expected standard for the quality and thoughtfulness that is required to make resources for people with ADHD.

And to make resources that truly make a difference. We have enough planners, journals & notebooks that we've started and then never opened again and so the mission was clear: make a planner that ADHDers have the best chance of sticking with.

The science behind the planner

The Future ADHD planner is part scheduler, part ‘growth mindset’ workbook. By this, I mean that I used scientific and expert research on ADHD to inform the planner design, rather than simply making another generic planner and slapping an ADHD label on it.

Read the full science behind the planner here

The impact it's having

I get messages almost on a daily basis from people who have found organisation and mental clarity with a planner for the first time in their lives.

You can read through my publicly available reviews and I also share them regularly on my Facebook page and IG stories.

What else I'm making

Honestly, the massive impact this planner has had has surprised me too. It's incredible meeting and supporting so many fellow ADHDers, and this work has motivated me to continue to provide strategies and support for my ADHD community based on neurobiology, polyvagal theory, unconscious beliefs, breathwork, nervous system regulation, meditation and radical acceptance practice, somatic therapies, bilateral stimulation, IFS inner child therapy and much more.

I talk about ALL these things and talk to some amazing experts around the world discussing the future of ADHD on The Future ADHD Podcast

If you're feeling overwhelmed or just having a popcorn brain moment 🍿, you can also contact our team for assistance. We see you. We get it, and we're here to help. 💛

💁‍♀️ Follow @future.adhd on TikTok and Insta and come say hiiii!

ADHD Growth Mindset Digital Life Planner Copyright © 2024 by Grace from Future ADHD. This planner is for PERSONAL use only and DOES NOT come with commercial licence. Individuals, businesses, therapists,health practitioners or wellness coaches wishing to use this resource with their clients/patients will need written permission. Email I have put WEEKS of work into the research and design for this planner. Please respect creators.